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Backend Engineer

San Francisco
We're a mission-driven team here at StackShare that's growing quickly- we recently announced our Series A (!
We're building a network for developer knowledge- StackShare is home to over 250K developers, engineers, CTOs, and VPEs from some of the world's best companies including Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, and more. Our vision is to transform the way that all SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold by building the world's first technology graph.
We're currently a team of 14- we've worked at places like Amazon, Google, Etsy, Squarespace, StubHub, and Heroku. We're looking for an awesome Backend Engineer to join us as teammate #15 to help build that future.
This position is based in San Francisco, CA at our new office in beautiful South Park.
Our stack: Read more about our stack in a recent post that was featured in Ruby Weekly:
StackShare is on a mission to provide its users with the best insights about tools and technologies used in Software Development
StackShare houses the most comprehensive tech stack dataset on the Internets. Where else can you go to find a break down of Medium's Mobile, Operations, Data Pipeline, and Website stacks (hint: only You will help with building this data pipeline and will employ creative methodologies to build a comprehensive list of stacks for all the companies out there. You will also use this extensive data set to provide unique insights to our users that they won't get anywhere else.
StackShare community has been sharing, to create new and even more valuable products for the community that ultimately help them learn more about the technologies they care about through the people and companies they trust.
Some stuff you can expect to work on: Find creative avenues for gathering data applicable to various tech stacks Analyze first- and third-party data sets and connecting to company/industry Key Performance Indicator’s Develop processes to ensure consistent execution of data collection
What we do have is an awesome community of over 200K developers, well over 50K tech stacks shared by this community, and thousands of the best SaaS and open source tools. For more deets on what's possible with all this data, check out this post:
If you love dev tools and backend data, let's chat!
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San Francisco
4 months ago
Ruby on Rails
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